Friday, April 23, 2021

April 19- 23

 Metal Insets

How it works:

  •  Select a metal inset shape, a paper square and two different colored pencils
  • Remove the blue inset and put it to the side
  • Steady the frame with one hand and trace the inside inset with the dominant hand with one pencil crayon
  • Remove the frame and select the other colored pencil
  • Fill in the shape by drawing horizontal lines from left to right. 

The Metal Insets help to prepare a child's hand for writing.  This type of work helps a child to:
  • Grip and hold the pencil correctly and upright.
  • Refine hand control to steady the pencil
  • Develop movements in curved and straight lines, in preparation for correct letter formation or a continued line which can assist in learning cursive,
  • Develop hand-eye coordination, to make small coordinated movements
  • Experience the result of pressure on the pencil (light and dark)
  • Develop fine motor muscles in the hand but also the larger muscles that are needed for sitting and maintaining posture for writing.
  • Strengthen a child's concentration
  • Make movements up and down and left to right (significant in reading)
  • Develop a geometric sense as well as naming them

Learning how to use the metal insets.

 Practicing what we learned.

We had some wonderful weather this week and got some extra outside time!

EC learned a new game to play in the yard, It was so much fun!

We began our Earth Day celebration creating our own Earth with milk and food coloring.  We talked about how to keep our Earth clean and healthy! We learned that the Earth is made up of more water than land.

Today we wore blue for Autism Awareness.  Thank you to everyone who participated; all monies raised will be donated to the Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support. 

  • Don’t forget to sign up for our Mystery Reader program! We would love it if every child could have a parent participate. Remember it’s a surprise! Please let me know if you would like to sign up to read to the class.

September 20th - 24th

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