Friday, April 30, 2021

April 26 - 30

We ended our Earth Week celebration with a litter walk around our community.

😍Ms. Webb!!! We know her!!!!!😍

We learned about the Ocean and the animals that live there.

We searched our water bead tub for animals that we might find under the sea!
Amelia found a fish.

Derek found a penguin.

Otis found a dolphin.

Teigen found a shark.

Max found an octopus.

Hali found a seal.

Dmitri found a hammerhead shark.

Johnny found a star fish.

Did you know that there are five layers of the ocean?
They are the trenches, the abyss,the midnight zone, the twilight zone and the sunlight zone.

We made our own layers of the ocean in a jar. 
Trenches - corn syrup
Abyss - dish soap
Midnight - water dyed green
Twilight - vegetable oil dyed blue
Sunlight - rubbing alcohol dyed light blue

We also learned about what animals you may find in these ocean zones.

Trenches - tube worms or sea cucumbers
Abyss - black swallower fish or angler fish
Midnight - viper fish, sea star or an octopus
Twilight - crab, squid or a cat shark
Sunlight - dolphin, whale, jelly fish or a turtle

✐Montessori Work Period✐

Max is working on matching the letter sounds SMAT.

Gavin is working with the INSTA-learn board.

Teigen is sorting by color.

Dmitri is sorting by color.

AJ is matching numbers 0-10.

Derek is sorting by coloring using tweezers to strengthen his pincer grasp.

Otis and Amelia are finding middle vowel sounds.

Connor is using the circle metal inset.

📖 A great big THANK YOU to our mystery readers this week: Mrs. Andrews (Johnny) and Mrs. Frank (Derek)!!!!!!!!📖

Mrs. Andrews and Mama

Mrs. Frank reading to the class.

-Please pack two napkins and a utensil (if needed) in your child's lunch
-If you would like to be a Mystery Reader please let me know ASAP

September 20th - 24th

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