Friday, January 15, 2021

Happy New Year!

Welcome back!  I hope that everyone enjoyed their holidays:-)  

💚 I want to thank everyone again for your kindness and generosity.  💚


As we begin the second half of the school year, we will continue to practice skills that we have learned as well as develop new skills that will enable the children to be successful in Pre-K. Some of the skills we will focus on include:

  • Following group directions

  • Understanding and following more than one step directions

  • Asking and answering questions and sharing in conversations with adults and peers 

  • Using pronouns correctly (i.e.: I, we, his/hers, he/she, etc.)

  • Sustaining attention to a task

  • Caring for physical needs

  • Working/playing independently

Fostering the children’s independence will be a key focus. They are growing and developing daily and are preparing to enter the world of Pre-K where they will be expected to complete routine tasks completely on their own. We will continue to work on mastering these skills every day. Below are some ways that you can foster independence at home.

  • Set Predictable Routines
    • Routine helps children to know what comes nest. Do not confuse routine with a schedule.
    • A routine is any series of events that occur throughout a child's day. (ie brushing teeth. It a routine with multiple steps)
    • Allowing your child to help prep these routines will encourage and allow them to take ownership over time.
      • example: let them put the toothpaste on the toothbrush or have them back their own snack
  • Let Your Child Choose
    • allow them to choose what to wear, what to eat, who to call, what to play
      • this DOES NOT mean they have full reign. Give three choices and allow them to pick.
      • Praise the choice.
  • Let Your Child Help
    • Kids love to help! Giving a child an opportunity to help you fosters their confidence.
      • example: let your child help you cook. Allow them to mix, pour or help throw away the garbage.
    • These opportunities also allow for a back and forth conversation while achieving a goal.
  • Chores
    • Yes, they can have chores! These will look different than chores given to older children.
    • Giving chores is a way to build a sense of responsibility and self- reliance, develops executive function and teaches teamwork.
    • example: putting clothes in the laundry basket, cleaning up toys, unpacking a schoolbag at the end of the day, clearing plate after dinner.
  • Let Your Child Problem Solve
    • Allow your child to try things that are hard and solve (small) problems.
    • Present challenges that are difficult but within the realm of their ability.
    • Offer helpful hints along the way.
    • Encourage an attempt before asking for help
  • Nurture Free Play
    • Independent and unstructured play is important for creativity, problem solving and autonomy.
    • Allow them a variety of toys for building and creativity.

As a parent, I know that sometimes it is just easier to do it yourself however, I encourage you to allow your child the opportunities to try and be successful.

Have a wonderful weekend!

-There is no school on Monday, January 18th for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  

-Save the date: January 27th - School Picture day (Individual photos only)

-January in Native Month where we celebrate Native People’s history and culture.  If you or someone you know would be willing to share with a class, a division, or multiple groups either in person, via zoom, or through a pre recorded clip, please email , and we will make it as easy as possible. 

-Looking forward, February is Black history Month, and March is Women’s Month. Please email if you have any ideas.

-EC report cards will be sent home the week of February 1, 2021. 

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