Thursday, March 25, 2021

Spirit Week at HCA!


Blaze came to our classroom for a visit!
He hid dragon eggs in our classroom that spelled out, "early childhood, you won ten extra minutes of recess"

We learned about planting vegetables with Ms. Z, our middle school science teacher, we planted carrots, onions and radishes in a clear grow house so that we can watch the growth.  Ms. Z showed us the seeds and we talked about the differences and likeness for each vegetable.

We planted Marigolds too!

First we scooped the dirt into our pots.

Then we put the marigold seeds into the dirt.

We love a comfy day in our pjs!


Twinning Day

The teachers matched too!

We played Can you guess the animal sound? And Can you guess the Disney voice? with all our EC friends.

We had a glow in the dark dance party!

We had such great outfits for Decades Day!
Greasers, 80's gal and a cowboy

☮ Hippy teachers ☮

Teach. Love. Inspire.

To close Spirit Week, we had an Easter egg hunt.  We had so much fun!

❤Thank you to Mrs. Mossor and our Student Council students for planning such a fun filled week!❤

Enjoy your Spring/Easter Break!
We look forward to seeing you when classes resume on Tuesday, April 6th!

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