Thursday, January 24, 2019

January 14th-18th, 2019

Hello!  A few parents have asked for a reminder of which special is on which cycle day. The cycle day is posted on the HCA calendar through the end of the year.  It is helpful that the children wear sneakers on PE days.

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Day 1 : Art 

Day 2: PE and Library

Day 3: PE and STEAM (1/2 of the class)
Day 4: Music
Day 5: PE
Day 6: Music and STEAM (1/2 of the class)

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One of our favorite activities is Yoga Pretzels!  We love to pull a card from the box to see what pose is next!  Yoga Pretzels let us be fun and creative, twist and turn, balance and strength, and working together.

Mountain Pose

Airplane Pose

The airplane pose helps use to practice balance.

We tried really hard not to fall!

Dragon Pose

Powerful Dragons

Lucas, Panos, Peyton and Braden in dragon pose.

Aanya, Harper and Amelia in dragon pose.

Cat Pose

Cat pose helps us to practice balance.

River Pose

River pose helps to stretch.

Tree Pose

The tree pose helps us to be flexible.

Community Circle: we ended our yoga session in community circle.  We hold hands and one person gently squeezes the hand of the friend next to them.  We pass the "squeeze" around the circle until it gets back to the first person.

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Please join us on Friday, February 8 for the Parent Visitation Day and Science Fair

The schedule is as follows:

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-We have many runny noses.  If you are able, please send in boogie wipes.

-The Auction is right around the corner!  Don't forget to purchase your tickets for this fun filled evening that benefits the children!  It is also a great night for parents to socialize with their children's friends parents. 

Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Devenney

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