Thursday, January 31, 2019

January 28th - February 1st, 2019

10 Benefits from a Montessori Program

1. Focuses on key developmental milestones
2. Encourages cooperative play
3. The learning is child-centered
4. Children naturally learn self-discipline
5. Classroom environment teaches order
6. Teachers facilitate the learning experience
7.  Learning method inspires creativity
8. May be more effective in developing certain skills
9. The curriculum is highly individualized to each student
10. Hands on learning

Montessori Work Time

We get by with a little help from our friends!

Lucas is working on identifying North America in the Geography area of our classroom.  His PreK Friends, Nora and Jordyn, helped him to trace and than punch out the continent with a large push pin.  In a mixed aged Montessori work period, the children learn form their friends as much as from their teachers.  As you can see, Lucas is so proud of his work and the girls are so proud that they were able to "teach" him.

A visit from first grade!

Two friends from first grade paid us a visit to share some fun animal facts: Gabby and Imaya.  Gabby taught us about ducklings and Imaya about polar bears.  Each girl told us where their animal lived, what they looked like, and even what they ate!  

Image result for weather clip art freeRemember your winter weather gear!!!

We will try to get outside for a little each day. (of course this is ONLY if temps are above freezing!)  Please remember to send appropriate weather attire.  We encourage the children to put their coats, hats, scarves, and gloves on independently.  Many of us have mastered this.  Please encourage your child to do so at home as well! :-) 

My favorite accomplishment of the week!

I am completely proud at the problem solving that took place in this moment.  I asked Braden to turn on the lights in our classroom.  He tried and realized that even on the tippiest of toes, he still couldn't reach.  He took our calendar pointer from the pin and sure enough was able to turn the light on with that!

Great job Braden!

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- Friday, February 8: Parent Visitation Day and Science Fair
Registration begins at 8 am
 - Saturday, February 23rd: HCA Auction (Mardi Gras Theme)

Have a wonderful weekend!
Stay warm!
Mrs. Devenney

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