Friday, September 29, 2017

Colors, Shapes and a 90th Birthday!!

Hi!   This week we talked a lot about the colors red, blue and yellow.  We are working on identifying, matching and finding within our environment.  We also talked about the shape circle.  Again, we worked on identifying, matching and finding within our environment.   A fantastic way to reinforce this skill at home is to play games like "I spy" when driving in the car, going for a walk or just hanging around the house.  

The children created some process art during our work and art time using red, blue and yellow paint as well as plastic cups (circle).  Process art  is one of my favorite ways of creating with twos. Process art is using tools other than paintbrushes to spark creativity and the ability to think outside of the box. The process is the point, seeing how the tools work with the paint colors, and it’s fun to ask children how they think this object will work in place of a paintbrush.

Painting with marbles!

 Painting circles with cups!

We have really been enjoying our specials!  Gym with Mrs. Mosser allows us to stretch and get out our two year old energy!!

We had our first visit to the library and it was AWESOME!!! We are a class that enjoys books independently or during story time.

To close our week we celebrated Holy Child Academy's 90th birthday! Each child received an anniversary tote bag as a gift. We attended our first school wide event, a lunch in the cafeteria with the entire student body, and it was a great success! We had some helping hands from our 6th grade buddies. We were so happy to be part of such a wonderful milestone:-)

Things to Do at Home:

-Practice cleaning up with your child.  Montessori education is all about independence and responsibility.  We are learning how to clean up our work before beginning a new activity.  Reviewing this at home is greatly appreciated.

-Review primary colors: red, yellow and blue.  You can pick out various items of red, yellow and blue in your environment and ask your child to identify them.  If they have mastered colors, you can do this with shapes.

-We are working on sitting at the table for snack and waiting for all our friends to finish.  Please try to do this during meal times at home. 

Important Information:

-Scholastic Book orders went home on Thursday.  Orders are due by October 2nd or you can order online using our class code RJ26P. 

I Hope to see you all at Linvilla Orchards on Saturday.  Just a reminder, the hayride leaves at 10 am sharp!

Have a great weekend :-)

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