Friday, October 23, 2020

October 19th - 23rd

Don't we make cute little ghosts? 
Mission Party information coming soon!

In STEAM this week we made our own spider webs and tried to catch something in the webs.

Derek caught an elephant.

Teigen caught an owl.

Max caught a snake.

Dmitri caught a horse.

Johnny caught a giraffe.

Hali caught a snake.

Otis caught a snake.

Amelia caught a dog.

Montessori Work-time
Dmitri is working on letter sounds.

Hali is working on spooning.

Johnny is working on pattern matching.

Otis is working on letter sounds.

Amelia is working on 1:1 correspondence. 

In science we made a tornado in a jar. 
 We learned that tornado's form in the clouds when hot and cold air mix.  

Our letter of the week was the letter Tt. 
Help your child find words that begin with the letter Tt at home.

Tt Word Wall

Tt is for Tiger

  • The Mission Party will be held Friday, October 30th.  All children will be dismissed at noon.  There is no HCA PLUS.  More information to follow.
  • Please make sure to practice taking a mask on and off with your child.  Just as a reminder vented masks are not approved face mask for school.  Also, long strings are dangerous; please make sure the mask loops around the ear.  

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Devenney

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