Friday, January 24, 2020

January 20th - 24th

Montessori Work Period
Kin is working on letter box 2 to match pictures to their beginning sounds.

Alexandra is working on 1:1 correspondence using the spindle box.

Elle matched numbers 0-25 using the INSTA-Learn board.

Charlie is using letter box 1 to match pictures to their beginning sound.

Arianna is using a do a dot marker to work on hand eye coordination.

Madison is practicing spooning small beads to strengthen her fine motor skills.

Lily is using tongs to move objects from one bowl to another; this lesson helps to strength the muscles necessary for writing. 

Amelia is working on 1:1 correspondence using our penguin/snowball match work.

Vienna is working with tongs to transfer objects from one bowl to another.  This helps to strengthen her fine motor skills.

Image result for writing clip art
Pre-Writing Practice

Pre-writing skills are essential for students to be able to develop the ability to hold and move a pencil fluently and effectively.  A major component of pre-writing skills are the pre-writing of shapes.  These are pencil strokes that most letters and numbers are comprised of.  These strokes include l, -, O, +, square, /, X and a triangle.  Below the children are writing l; they followed the line from the top to the bottom. 

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Scholastic Book Club order forms were sent home this week.  Orders are due by January 29th and can be sent into school or purchased online by using our classroom code: RJ26P.  With every book order, our class receives free books or educational items.  Thank you for your continued support.

Please join us for "A Night In Philadelphia".
The Auction is a wonderful night for parents to get to know each other.  All proceeds go to the students of Holy Child Academy. Tickets can be purchased by using the link below.

Image result for sneakers clip artSneakers MUST be worn for the safety of the child .  Children that do not have sneakers on will not be able to participate in PE; they will be given an alternate activity.

Looking ahead:

-Parent visitation will be Friday, February 7th.  Please save the date.
-There is no school on Friday, February 14th and Monday, February 17th.
-The annual auction is Saturday, February 29th, 2020.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Devenney

September 20th - 24th

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