Friday, December 13, 2019

December 9th - 13th

Friday, December 6th was the feast of St. Nicholas.  St. Nicholas is a special friend to children, sailors and everyone in need.  He used his money to help children in need and people who were sick or poor.  He always did it in secret, so no one would know who had done the good deeds.  The tradition goes, if you place your shoe outside, you will receive something special from him.  The Nursery 3 students were so excited to find a candy cane and prayer card in their shoes.

Las Posadas

During community time this week we celebrated the tradition of Las Posadas.  Posada is the Spanish word for inn and is used to reference Mary and Josephs' journey to find an inn for the birth of Jesus.  In Mexico and some areas of the United States, this is remembered by reenacting the pilgrimage.  People dress like Mary and Joseph or carry statues from their Nativity scene as they walk, candles in hand and singing traditional Posadas song requesting entrance.  When they reach the last house, all are welcomed in for a festive celebration!  This is repeated nightly for the nine days leading up to Christmas.

We gathered with our families to make a candle craft that we placed in front of the Nativity.

We enjoyed delicious churros for snack made by the fifth grade.

We ended our celebration in the gym with Pinatas!

Image result for christmas concert clip art

We have been practicing very hard for the Christmas Gala!  

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We continue to work hard during our Montessori time. 
Charlie is working on  1:1 correspondence. 

Elle is working on 1:1 correspondence.

Alexandra is working on identify the letter sounds S,M, A & T.  

Lily is working on identifying the letter sounds for C, R, I & P.
Vienna is practicing spooning.

Madison is learning the geometric shapes: cube, cone, sphere and cylinder.

Amelia loves to work with numbers!

Anthony is working on the number puzzle.

Arianna is working on color patterns.

Looking Ahead:
  • The Christmas Show is Wednesday, December 18th at 6:00 p.m.  See Mrs. Barrera's email for more details. 
  • Grandparents Day is Thursday, December 19th.  The day will begin with the Christmas Show at 9:00 a.m. and end with a snack with Santa.  This is an event for students and their grandparents only.  
  • Christmas break is Monday, December 23rd - Monday, January 6th.  Classes will resume on Tuesday, January 7th.
Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Devenney

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