Thursday, October 31, 2019

October 27th - November 1st

You are never to young to give back!

The early childhood students filled snack bags to donate to Nutritional Development Services.  The children filled 100 bags to be given to children in families who are homeless.  

We had a beautiful day for our school wide picnic!  All grades enjoyed lunch al fresco style hosted by our student council members.

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To create our candy corn master pieces, the children torn white, orange and yellow paper.  The action of tearing helps to strengthen the muscles in their tiny hands and fingers.  Once the paper was torn, they used it to fill in the candy corn.

Mission Party Fun!!!
Thank you to all of those who made this fun morning possible:-)

Happy Halloween!  Enjoy the three day weekend.

September 20th - 24th

This week we learned all about apples from our Weekly Reader! We explored the parts of an apple: the flesh, the skin, the pips, the stem and...