Friday, October 20, 2017

Firetrucks and Pumpkins!

This week Squad 26 A-Platoon from Upper Darby Fire Co.  paid us a visit!  Special thanks to Captain Epright, Firefighters Lynch and Tully for showing us the fire truck and its equipment.  We were very excited to learn and be able to check out the fire truck!!

Listening to the fireman.

We spent some time this week learning how a pumpkin grows!  We read books about pumpkin farming and learned a simple song That's How A Pumpkin Grows.  Thursday we cut open a small pumpkin to explore the outer and inner layers of our pumpkin.  We all thought the inside was super slimy!!!!   Today we will be planting the seeds we scooped out to see if we can grow a pumpkin.  (pictures coming soon)

Things to do at home :-)
Twos live in the land of what's mine IS mine.  We have been working on waiting our turn, asking for a turn, and sharing.  You can practice turn taking easily at home.  For instance, hug a doll, saying it's Mommy's turn to hug.  Then hand the doll over and say " Now it's your turn to hug the doll." This can be done several times back and forth.   Praise your child when you see them sharing! When we model sharing behavior the children will follow.  For instance, if you are eating a snack, offer to share some. 
Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Devenney




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