Friday, March 12, 2021


We were so excited to enjoy the sunshine this week!
When children play outdoors, the following are strengthened:

-Cognitive and social/emotional development
-Motor planning
-Appreciation of nature
-Vestibular Integration- this is the system of our bodies that affect inner ear and brain function (balance)
-Hand eye coordination

Mr. Hartsock brought his bike to school this week.  He was excited to share bike safety and how the bike works with us.  He showed us how the gears and brakes work, how to put air in the tires and where he stores his water bottles.

Our weekly Reader this week taught us about baby animals.  We learned that baby animals are usually born in the Spring.  Many babies do not know how to do things that big kids, like themselves, know how to do so they have to learn.

Our dance break taught us to waddle like a duck, hop and wiggle our noses like a bunny, and tip toe like a fox. 

We used our baby pictures that were sent in to draw ourselves as babies and a self portrait of present day.  Enjoy! 😊😊😊 

  • Please be sure to sign up for parent/teacher conferences on either March 25 or 26. Here is the link for our class:

  • Summer camp registration is open! You can find more information on our website

  • March 17 will be a St. Patrick’s Day dress down day - be sure to wear your green!

  • Spirit Week will kick off on March 19 and will continue into the next week. Stay tuned for more information!

  • Spring/Easter break is from March 26 through April 5. Classes will resume on Tuesday, April 6. Please refer to the guidelines sent by Mrs. Fox-Tully if you plan to travel during the break.

  • March is Women’s History Month when we will be celebrating Women in history.  If you or someone you know would be willing to share with a class, a division , or multiple groups to enhance our celebration in any way, please email , and we will make it as easy as possible. 

  • Looking forward, April is Arab American Heritage Month, and May is Asian and Pacific Islanders Heritage Month. If you have ideas or suggestions for our celebrations for those months, please email

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