Friday, February 26, 2021

February 22- 26

We began the Lenten season by receiving ashes on Ash Wednesday.  We talked about how the ashes let others know that we love God and he loves us.

I was so happy to  have been the one to place the ashes on the children's foreheads.

We have been practicing tracing and writing our names.

We have also been practicing our pencil control and grip.  Holding a writing utensil correctly requires strong finger and hand muscles and dexterity.  The correct grip helps to allow the child control with efficient finger movements. 

Correct pencil grip

Activities that strengthen pincer muscles.
  • play dough
  • transferring beans or rice from bowl to bowl using fingers or spoon
  • Knobbed puzzles
  • lacing cards
  • button sorting 
  • pushing pom poms into a water bottle
  • transferring with tongs
  • coloring
  • painting
  • using scissors
  • Summer camp registration is open! You can find more information on our website

  • March is Women’s History Month when we will be celebrating women in history.  If you or someone you know would be willing to share with a class, a division, or multiple groups to enhance our celebration in any way, please email, and we will make it as easy as possible. 

  • Looking forward, April is Arab American Heritage Month and May is Asian and Pacific Islanders Heritage Month. If you have ideas or suggestions for our celebrations for those months, please email

Have a great weekend!

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