Friday, February 28, 2020

February 24th - February 28th

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We had a school wide celebration of Black History Month this week. 

We had a dance party in the gym where we danced to songs sung by Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston and The Jackson Five.

Anthony has some great dance moves!

Dance!  Dance! Dance!

Go Lexi!

When then moved to the cafeteria where we colored pictures of famous Black Americans. The below list is just to name a few.

Elijah McCoy -Inventor
Dr. Mae C. Jemison - Engineer, physician & NASA astronaut
Phillis Wheatly - First African American to publish Poetry
LeBron James - Basketball Player
Josephine Baker - Entertainer & Civil Rights Activist
Rosa Parks - Civil Rights Activist; pivotal role in the Montgomery bus Boycott
Muhammad Ali - Boxer

Did you know that Garrett Morgan invented the traffic light?

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Garrett Morgan

To celebrate this, we played a great game of Red, Light, Green light in the MPR.

We ended our time together with another dance party!

I hope to see you all this Saturday at Holy Child Academy's annual auction.  There are many fabulous items being auctioned off including this beautiful platter made by your children.  Get your bids ready!

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Re-Registration is due by March 6

Have a wonderful weekend!

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