Friday, March 8, 2019

March 4th - March 8th

Image result for Lent clip artWe began the Lenten season by attending third grade's Ash Wednesday prayer service.  Prior to receiving our ashes, we discussed what the ashes meant.  From our class discussion, we decided it let people know we were "friends of God."

Centers In Gym Class

Mrs. Mosser sets up centers in PE so that nursery students can engage in well thought out, developmentally appropriate, large and small motor activities. 

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The Nursery class has been talking about Leprechauns and St. Patrick's Day.  When you feel a tickle on your ankle, it is a leprechaun saying hello!  We hope to "catch" one next week so we made a trap to do so.

We used green paint.....
....and some glitter spray!

Order your tickets now!

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March 25th - March 29th

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The Nursery and Pre K classes will be hosting a prayer service on Holy Thursday, April 18th at 8:15 am. All are welcomed (and encouraged) to attend.

Have a great weekend!

September 20th - 24th

This week we learned all about apples from our Weekly Reader! We explored the parts of an apple: the flesh, the skin, the pips, the stem and...