Friday, September 21, 2018

Hard workers!

We have been hard at work during our Montessori time.  Each day we learn new work both as a group and individually.  The children are always proud of  themselves when they have completed "challenging" work.  Be sure to ask them about it each day!

Team work makes the dream work!!!

We had our first Religion lesson.  Our Religion unit is God Made Me.  This week we focused on God made our ears.  We learned a song and discussed the different things we can hear.
If you have not heard the song already, be sure to ask your child!

I have ears so I can hear, I can hear, I can hear.
I have ears so I can hear.
God made me wonderful!

Our friends that are ready to work on their pre-writing skills have begun some handwriting activities.  By now, you have seen two handwriting papers come home.  The first paper had lines from top to bottom and bottom to top, the second (pictured above) had the children practice drawing lines left to right and right to left.  These type of controlled exercises allow the student to feel how much pressure is needed to make a mark.  Having them stay within a defined area allows them to practice control. 

Image result for reminder clipart
  • Our gym days next week are Tuesday & Thursday
  • Scholastic Book orders are due by 9/24.  
  • Your child's rest item will be sent home every Friday to be laundered.  Please remember to send it back on Mondays.
  • All that is needed for rest is a towel or small blanket.  They should be able to put it in their school bag.  
  • Please make sure your child has a regular sized backpack; large enough for the blue folder to fit.
  • Don't forget to check out the "specials" teacher's blogs!

As you heard at back to school night, our auction is our only fundraising event for the school year.  In addition to attending, please consider volunteering.  Pleas contact Jen Gergo at the above address for more information.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Devenney

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