Friday, June 1, 2018

May 28th - June 1

I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  Can you believe that there are only THREE days left of school?!?  This week we have had a few special treats and activities.  
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Our Middle School friends have been practicing  One Act Plays for their parents. We got to be the "audience" at their dress rehearsal.  They did a great job!  We were so excited to be part of it:-)

On Thursday, Priya and Tatum, two friends from PreK 4, invited us to a cello performance.  Both girls take weekly cello lessons.  They were able to share the parts of the cello as well as gave a wonderful performance.  The children were in awe of their friends talent!

Priya & Tatum 
Braden brought in a special snack for his Un-birthday celebration and these super cool dinosaur hats.  We are scary...ROAR!!!!


See the source imageIMPORTANT !!!!!!!
If you have not sent in your pizza money for Wednesday please do so ASAP.  All children are invited to stay; half day dismissal will be at 12:30.
Summer Fun Ideas!!
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  • Read, Read, Read!
  • Invite friends for play dates.
  • Attend story time at the library.
  • Pick flowers.
  • Make ice cream.
  • Make play dough.
  • Go to a children's museum.
  • Blow bubbles.
  • Visit the beach.
  • Play in the sprinkler.
  • Make s'mores.
  • Have a family picnic.
  • Play hide and seek.
  • Feed the ducks.
  • Go on a bike ride.
  • Cook together.
  • Plant.
  • Enjoy a walk.
  • Paint outside.
  • Wash the car.
  • Have a tea party.
  • Have a dance party.
  • Make popsicles.
  • Play! Play! Play!

Have a great weekend! 
Mrs. Devenney

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