Friday, November 10, 2017

Happy Friday!  The Nursery 2 class would like to thank all the families who purchased books for our classroom at the Book Fair.  We LOVE to read books and will surely put them to great use!

This week was about exploration.  We used  four of our five senses to touch, smell, see and hear.  Our sensory bin is filled with Fall/Thanksgiving items for us to explore.  We used our nose to smell cinnamon sticks, our hands to feel the feathers, leaves (soft), corn (hard), and acorns.  We used our ears to hear the different sounds made when you scoop or pour the corn, feathers or rice.  We used our eyes to see it all!!

Is that a feather?

These acorns feel funny!

Look!  There are pumpkins in here too!

Our work time continues to get longer each week.  Some days, we can work for an hour and fifteen minutes!!! As a whole, we really enjoy giving our turkey (a strainer) feathers.  This lesson strengthens our pincer grasp which is needed for us to begin to write.  This can also easily be replicated at home.

We are happy to report that our pumpkin plants are growing!!  Each morning we check in on them to see if they need to be watered or if any new roots have grown.  The kids love to sniff the plants to see if they can smell pumpkin. :-)

Three of our nine plants have begun to grow.


-Next Friday, November 17th will be a half day for all Nursery 2 students and there will be no Kids Club.  All N2 students, including half day students, will be dismissed from the Penn Ave parking lot at 11:30 am.    If you have an older child, they may be dismissed along with your younger child at this time.

-HCA students will continue with the tradition of giving  this Thanksgiving season and give to those less fortunate within our community.  Thanksgiving baskets will be made up and delivered to 13 families.  Nursery 2 has been asked to provide pancake mix and syrup.  If you are able to donate please send it into school with your child.

-Please make sure breakfast is finished prior to arriving at school as there are severe food allergies in our neighboring classroom. 

Things to Do at Home:

-Encourage independence when you can.  Allow your child to hang up their coat, throw out their trash etc.

-Practice taking turns

-Play I Spy for shapes and colors within your environment.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs. Devenney

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